How do I, as a parent, stay involved with my child’s learning as they go through the TMK courses?

All TMK courses are organized into 4 weeks of lessons. At the end of each week, you will be emailed (at the email address you provided when you first signed up for a course(s)) an update about your child’s progress and also given some questions and conversation topics so that you can have more involvement with what your child is learning and offer your own experiences to them. We believe that parent involvement is a huge part of our students’ success both now and in the long term future so we highly encourage parents to be involved during the courses!

Is this one of those things where I only have access for a year then can’t access the material again? Or one of those courses where I can only watch the lesson a certain amount of times?

Definitely not! The student has full access to the lesson videos, tools, basic support, and knowledge quizzes for life. TMK courses are intended to be there for students to refer back to time and time again as they grow into adulthood. So students will never be shut out from the course site or lessons!

Will my subscription charge ever go up?

Never! When you join, that is the amount that you will continue to pay. And the best part is, regardless of which plan you have, if you’re a member of TMK for 4 years you gain lifetime access (yes, that’s right, no more payments and access to all the tools, courses, and updates for free)! So if you’re an Essential member for 4 years, you’re a member for life after that. And if you’re a Master member for 4 years, you’re a Master member for life! Without making any more payments! Woot woot!

I have a question that I don’t see addressed here, how can I an answer?

We’re happy to put your mind at ease by answering any lingering questions you may have! Just go ahead and contact us here. {links to ‘Contact Us’ page}

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