Financial Literacy is an epidemic in America. Here are some shocking statistics:

“44% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency.” (Check out more via this article by Forbes.) https://www.forbes.com/sites/danipascarella/2018/04/03/4-stats-that-reveal-how-badly-america-is-failing-at-financial-literacy/#3a9ee7ea2bb7

“Only 24 percent of millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy, according to a study from the National Endowment for Financial Education.” (See more stats from US News in this article.) https://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/saving-budget/articles/2017-05-16/8-scary-financial-statistics-and-how-to-avoid-becoming-one

“21 percent of Americans are ‘not at all confident’ they will be able to reach their financial goals.” (More fun stuff at Experian’s article.) http://www.experian.com/blogs/insights/2017/04/consumer-financial-literacy/

“Research on credit-card debt found that those with lower levels of debt literacy were more likely to do things that resulted in higher fees and charges like going over the credit limit or only making the minimum payment.” (Want more fun stats? Check out The Atlantic’s article here.) https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/05/financial-literacy/480807/

The Millionaire Keys aims to correct all of these problems by starting from the ground up. Our courses build off of each other to teach teens the essential keys of financial literacy. From spending and saving wisely, to staying out of debt (student and credit card debt!), and finally to starting with long term investing, TMK courses teach teens everything they need to know to avoid the pitfalls that the vast majority of young adults fall into, and to push them to be well ahead of the curve in terms of smart financial decisions early on in life.

We truly believe this is essential to success in the “real world.” And we truly believe that all teens deserve to learn these keys! We’re working to make that a reality.

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