There are currently 4 courses that The Millionaire Keys offers, and the material is best for high school students since it touches on essential concepts that they must learn before leaving home for college and the “real world.”

  1. The first lesson is all about saving and spending, and how to do both of them wisely. No one wants to be told what not to do with their money! And at The Millionaire Keys, we’re not here to tell teens what not to do. We have a unique course that steers them in a smart direction for what to do with their money. How to spend on what’s important to them (instead of spur-of-the-moment things or what their friends tell them is cool). And how to always save no matter how much (or little) money they receive.
  2. The second lesson goes over everything to do with financing college. We emphasize that loans should always be a last resort for financing college, and go through all of the other financial aid options that are available before ever thinking of taking out a loan. We also do thoroughly go through the entire loan process as well, and how to pay the least amount on a loan during repayment.
  3. The third lesson is all about being smart with credit cards and credit scores. It’s nearly impossible in this day and age to not be hindered by having a non-existent credit score, so we don’t teach avoiding credit, but rather using it wisely. In fact, using it in a way where students will never pay a dime in credit card debt! From employers to landlords to lenders, credit scores are essential for getting an upper hand with certain opportunities in life. And the good news is that an excellent credit score isn’t hard to come by if you know how it all works.
  4. The fourth lesson is everything that teens need to know about starting to invest for the long term. The best thing they have going for them is something they may not even think about: their age. If teens start investing in safer funds that are focused on long term growth (not “hot stocks” or risky endeavors), they are in a unique situation to be able to grow their earnings exponentially due to compound interest.

Each course has a critical Key to financial literacy that is taught. It is reiterated to students using examples, tools, knowledge quizzes, and specific steps that they can take in their own lives. If students follow these Keys, they will be able to avoid the vast majority of pitfalls that most people fall into in early adulthood, and set themselves up to be ahead of the financial curve on the road to becoming a millionaire in their lifetime.

Please do note! The third and fourth courses are currently in production and will be available in 2019!

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