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Financial Literacy: the best benefit companies can offer.



“4 in 7 Americans are Financially Illiterate”

- Walden University

Your Employees Shouldn't be One of Them.

Level the Financial Playing Field

Complete Financial Literacy

Four Essential Courses

Learning financial literacy leads to a life of stability, peace, and freedom over personal finances.
It's the #1 benefit an employer can offer.

Each course, called a "Key," is customized to your business name, logo, offerings, and personnel.


Get Out of Credit Card Debt

In this course employees will:

  • Understand why it's essential to pay off credit card debt ASAP

  • Learn how to pay off (and stay out of) credit card debt

  • Understand how credit works and how to build an excellent credit score

  • Receive resources to use while paying off credit card debt


Get Out of Student Loan Debt

In this course employees will:

  • Understand why it's essential to pay off student loans early

  • Learn the proven strategies for paying off student loan debt early

  • See examples of how paying off student loan debt is financially beneficial

  • Receive resources to use while paying off student loan debt


Start Investing & Invest Well

In this course employees will:

  • Discover how to get ahead by investing

  • Understand the various (safe!) ways to start investing

  • Learn how to take advantage of their company benefits to invest

  • Receive resources to use to understand their investments


Smart Money Habits & Mindset

In this course employees will:

  • Learn how to make a plan for their money

  • Cultivate healthy money habits & a successful mindset

  • See examples of how to put this into practice in their day to day life

  • Receive resources they can use to grow their habits & mindset

How it Works

  1. Choose Your Courses

    We highly recommend all 4 courses be offered to employees! However, we can customize what is included based on what makes sense to you and your business.

  2. Host on Your Own Domain or Ours

    We can give you our "easy as pie" turnkey learning template to implement on your own website, or we can host it for you on our own site. Either way, your template will be 100% customized for your company!

  3. Customized Your Courses

    Please CONTACT US below about your company and your needs. We will be in touch with you shortly to develop courses specifically for you and your employees!

  4. What You Get

    When you join The Millionaire Keys, you get it all...

  • LOCKED IN pricing. That's right - once you join, your price will never go up (how's that for a smart financial decision!).
  • Customized videos based on your company's benefits, personnel, and course decisions.
  • Worksheets and resources with each course.
  • Three update requests per year (based on your company's personnel changes, benefit changes, etc.).
  • Our headache-free guarantee for lesson site setup.
  • Unlimited support from The Millionaire Keys team!

Demo Our "Easy as Pie" Turnkey Learning Template

We guarantee a headache-free experience while implementing The Millionaire Keys courses!
Check out what your employees will see here:

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is the leader in financial literacy because


Unbiased Information

Thousands of hours of independent research have gone into developing the best financial literacy courses on the market. There are never promotions or ads on our site or in our videos.

Getting Personal

The videos you receive are custom tailored specifically to your company. By having "whiteboard" style videos, employees learn essential financial skills in an engaging (i.e. not boring!) way.

Focusing on Impact

Our mission is Financial Literacy for All. Regardless of background or financial standing, we believe in making financial literacy courses available to everyone. By partnering with us you are supporting that cause! Learn more on our teens site.

Being Up to Date

Information in our courses is updated at least once per year, however updates can happen sooner based on the current events in financial markets as well as any company personnel or benefits changes you may have.