The Millionaire Keys has 4 courses on financial literacy for teens, with each course building off of the previous one(s). Typically, an adult will buy the course and the teen will be the one completing the lessons and knowledge quizzes. This is why the parent will create their own parent’s account and the teen will create their own user account when first signing up for a course. The teen will be able to log in using their email and password that they created, and will be able to access the course material, tools, support, quizzes, and upgrade areas. The parent will be able to access support, and will also receive email notifications updating them on the teen’s progress as they complete the 4 weeks of a course.

There are also 2 different subscription options that you can choose between: the “Essential” subscription or the “Master” subscription. Essential includes all of the lesson videos, tools, quizzes, and basic support for a course. Master includes everything in the Essential plan with personalized support in addition to the basic support. With the personalized support feature, teens can ask questions on the material or how to apply it to their life, and receive continuous personalized help to ensure that they understand the concept fully. They even have the option to get help via a webinar, where a TMK teacher will create a personal video to help them understand the concept they need help with and answer any additional questions the student might have in real time.

The Master subscription is the best choice for parents with a teen who may struggle with learning, or who is an eager learner, or who just wants to ensure they get the most out of the course. A student with the Essential subscription can upgrade to Master {links to ‘Upgrading to Master’ KB page} at any time. And the best part is, regardless of which plan you have, if you’re a member of TMK for 4 years you gain lifetime access (yes, that’s right, no more payments and access to all the tools, courses, and updates for free)!

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