Hi, I’m Theresa, founder of The Millionaire Keys.

Early in my career as an Electrical Engineer, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who helped me understand the importance of intentional, smart money management. At the time I didn’t realize how rare and special it was to have this perspective and support on how to manage spending, saving, and investing. I kind of just assumed everyone had someone like that in their life.

But, I was wrong.

After talking to my friends and family— people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and even older, I came to realize most adults weren’t taught basic skills to lead a financially healthy life. They were either living paycheck to paycheck, had no savings, no investments, or they were swimming in debt. I was shocked-- I really couldn’t believe it. But, statistic after statistic confirms it--

Financial illiteracy cost each American about $1,600 on average in 2020, and $415 billion nationally.
- National Financial Educators Council

44% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency.
- 2016 Federal Reserve Report

Only 24% of millennials demonstrate the ability to understand basic financial concepts.

73% of people with a household income of under $50,000 say money is a major stressor.
- American Psychological Association

21% of Americans are ‘not at all confident’ they will be able to reach their financial goals.
- Experian

The number of consumers age 60 and older with student loan debt has quadrupled over the last decade.
- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

60% of parents report giving their kids financial help in the past year (2019).
- Pew Research Center

About 4 in 7 Americans are financially illiterate and report being unable to manage their finances.
- Walden University

I could go on, but that’s already a pretty grim list. It’s obvious America is facing a crisis in the form of financial illiteracy.

And I want to help.

That’s why I started The Millionaire Keys. I truly believe if teens learn basic financial concepts and skills at an early age before leaving for college— they’ll have the foundational understanding and real-world know-how to live a life of financial freedom.

I’m passionate about empowering young people to take control of their financial future, avoid pitfalls, and make massive gains on their investments using the power of compound interest.

If a teen masters these four foundational keys, I know they can become a millionaire in their lifetime.

This is The Millionaire Keys - this is financial literacy for all!

Theresa Cornwell
The Millionaire Keys
Creator and CEO

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